Mooring Equipment

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Mooring Equipment

Mooring Equipment

Mooring equipment is one type of marine equipment which moor the ships on the dock, buoy, shipyard or adjacent ships. It is mainly composed of mooring ropes, fairleads, rollers, chocks, bollards, mooring reels, mooring buoys, winches, fenders, chain stoppers and release hooks and so on.

Rope Guiding Device


A. CB*34-76 Mooring Chocks Type A,B,C,D

B. JIS F 2005-1975 Closed Chocks

C. JIS F 2007-1976 Mooring Chocks Type A,B

D. GB 11586-89 Panama Chocks Type AP, AC, BC, BP

E. Spanish Chock (62014/62105/62106/62107)

F. JIS F 2030-1978 Single Point Mooring Pipes Type A,B

G. CB*39-66 Cast Roller Chock Type A,B

H. JIS F-2006 Open Chock

I. CB T38-1999 Double Roller Chock

J. Kevel Chock

K. DIN81915 Chock

2.Fairlead Roller

A. JIS F 2014-1987 Fairlead Roller


A.GB*436-2000 Cleat Fairlead with Single-Roller Type A,B

B.CB/T 3062-2011 Fairleads with Horizontal Rollers Type A,B,C

C.JIS F 2026-1980 Type A

D.JIS F 2026-1980 Fairlead with Horizontal Rollers Type BR

E.Open Type Fairleads

F.Closed Type Fairlead

G.Swivel Head Anchor Fairlead

4.Chain Wheel for Hause Pipe

A. GB*290-95 Chain Wheel for Hause Pipe

B. GB*290-84 Chain Wheel for Hause Pipe

Rope Pulling Device (Bollard)

A. GBT554-96 Bollard Type A,B,C,DL,DH

B. GB/T 556-65 Welded Inclined Bollard Type DH,SH

C. GB/T 10106-88 Ship Cross Bitts

D. Recessed Bitts

E. DIN 82607-1995 Bollard

F. CVI-Bollard

G. Dock Bollard (T-Head, Kidney,Staghorn Type etc.)

Mooring Reel

A. CB/T498-95 Mooring Fiber Wire Reel

B. CB/T3468-92 Mooring Steel Wire Reel Type A

C. CB/T3468-92 Mooring Steel Wire Reel Type AW

D. CB/T3468-92 Mooring Steel Wire Reel Type B

E. CB/T3468-92 Mooring Steel Wire Reel Type C

F. CB*875-78 Mooring Cable Reel

Other Mooring Fittings

A. Chain Stopper

B. Shark Jaw

C. Towing Bracket

D. Chain Releaser

E. Towing Hook

F. Chain Chaser

G. Mooring Buoy

H. Mooring Rope


Mooring Equipment

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Equipment


Mooring Equipment

Fairlead Rollers

Mooring Equipment


Mooring Equipment

Dock Bollards

Mooring Equipment

Marine Bollards

Mooring Equipment

Chain Stoppers

Mooring Equipment

Chain Releaser

Mooring Equipment

Chain Chaser

Mooring Equipment

Shark Jaws

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Rope

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Reel

Mooring Equipment

Towing Bracket

Mooring Equipment

Towing Hook

Mooring Equipment

Quick Release Hook

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Buoy

Mooring Equipment

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