Hoisting and Moving Airbag

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Hoisting and Moving Airbag

Hoisting and Moving Airbag

Hoisting and Moving Airbag consists of a bag body and an iron-end component. The bag body is manufactured by vulcanizing the preliminary shaped airbag made of base rubber and reinforced fiber material. The material of the iron- end component is metal, and it is connected to the bag body firmly. The working principle of hoisting and moving airbag and the working principle of roller handling heavy are almost the same.Because of the air sacs in caisson can generate large deformation under pressure, increase the contact area of air and ground, reduce the pressure per unit area, and the stress is relatively uniform, so it has strong adaptability to ground.

Advantages of Hoisting and Moving Airbag :

1.High strength,anti-aging
2.Good air tightness,safety and reliability

3.High shock absorption,less reverse impact on ships
4.High kneading

Standard specifications of Hoisting and Moving Airbag:
1> Diameter (D) : From 0.3m to 2.2 m.
2>Effective Length (L1) : From 6m to24m.
3>Total Length (L) : From 7m to28m.
4>Other specification of ship launching airbags also available upon customer¡¯s request

The Drawing of Hoisting and Moving Airbag:

Hoisting and Moving Airbag

1-Steel End Fitting 2-Sac Head 3. Sac Body

D-Diameter L1-Effective Length L-Total Length

Bearing Deofrmation:

Hoisting and Moving Airbag

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