Offshore Anchor Buoy

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Offshore Anchor Buoy

Offshore Anchor Buoy

Offshore anchor buoy is the anchoring system that is used for vessels to mooring and avoid the attack of typhoon. Anchor buoy has different sizes and specifications for different tonnage of vessels to mooring anchors. Its operation is very convenient and flexible. In the berth, the ships can carry out goods or maintain. Therefore, anchor buoys are important anchor mooring facility of the port.

Product Features:

1. Rigid Protection and Good Buffer Performance

2. Water Resistance

3. Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Cost

4. Long Service Lifespan

5. Environmental Material

6. Corrosion Resistance

7. Material: High Strength Polyurea sprayed on the surface, Polyethylene Foam filled inside of the buoy

8. Size: Multiple Different Sizes for choosing

9. Surface Color: Red, Yellow,Orange or any other bright colors

10. Application: widely used in the dock, water area mark, platform and other areas.

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Offshore Anchor Buoy

Offshore Anchor Buoy

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