Offshore Mooring Buoy

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Offshore Mooring Buoy

Offshore Mooring Buoy

Offshore mooring buoy, also known as water drum buoy, drum type mooring equipment which floats on the water surface and connects the anchor in the bottom of water with the anchor chains.

Offshore mooring buoy is used for typhoon resistance mooring, anchorage mooring, temporary mooring and other mooring systems. It is usually arranged in the anchorage space of the inside and outside harbor.

Main Features

1. Excellent Buoyancy

2. Good Stability

3. Collision Resistance

4. Good Corrosion Resistance

5. Bright and Stable Color

6. Good Impact Resistance

Specification of 2.2m Steel Floating Buoy

1. Diameter: 2.2mm

2. Length: 2370mm

3. Volume: about 13m³/set

4. Weight: 2200kg/set

5. Material: Q235 Steel

6. Filled with Resilient Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam

7. Surface: Optional Color Painting

8. Long Service Life, Free Maintenance

Offshore Mooring Buoy

Offshore Mooring Buoy

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