Mooring Chock

Mooring Chock:

Mooring chock, normally mounted on deck or bulwark, has multiple forms such as closed chock, open chock, no-roller chock, roller chock. It is mainly divided into two categories: no-roller chock and roller chock.Generally, mooring chock is made by casting with intergral and modular forms. Marine cast chocks are normally mounted on the gunwale of the bow and stern. Roller chock can reduce the friction to mooring rope.

We specialize in marine equipments for many years. We are also the gloden supplier of mooring chocks. We sell the following mooring chocks: kevel chocks, closed chocks, open chocks(JIS F-2006 SC, FC), Panama chocks, Spain chocks, EU type chocks, single point mooring pipes, DIN81915 chock series, NS2589 chock, NS2590 chock,JIS F-2005 chocks, JIS F-2007 chocks, JIS F-2017 chocks, JIS F-2030 chocks, CB*39-66 chocks and so on.

We can also provide the customized chocks according to your special requirements. Therefore,if you¡¯re interested in our mooring chocks, please feel free to contact us.We¡¯ll give you a quick and satisfactory reply.

Mooring Chock

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