PE pad for rubber fender

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PE pad for rubber fender

PE pad for rubber fender:

PE pad is designed and produced for the protection of barges, tugboats, water locks and quay walls . it has the simplest design among all types rubber fenders. It can be easily attached to the desired construction. In the case of barges they can also be welded onto a construction.

The Advantage of UHMWPEpad:

1. Non-Toxic and smell

2. Low coefficient of friction

3. Corrosion resistant

4. Abrasion and impact resistant

5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

6. Sell-lubricating

7. Wear Resistant

8. Great liner material for industrial material handing applications

9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet

10. High Operating Temperature

11. High Tensile Strength

12. High Viscosity

13. Flame Retardant

14. Reprocessed

Which type Marine Fender UHMW PE pad we can produce:

1. SCN Super Cone Fender

2. Arch Marine fender

3. SCK Cell fender

4. UE-V Fender

5. MV fender

6. Parallel Motion fender

7. Composite marine fender

8. Cornered fender pad

Our Service:

We can produce all kinds UHMW PE marine fender pad if you send us the drawings.

And we have 5 products line to provide the UHMW PE sheet,our quality have get the third authority company`s approval.And we can accept the large project and can give our customer the ideal quality goods and the competitive price and the best service..

Our PE pad can be made in many colors and thicknesses according to your requirements and also can be provided in a re-processed grade for a economical solution.

PE pad for rubber fender
PE pad for rubber fender

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