Marine Fairlead

 Marine fairlead is an important ship mooring device which can change the direction of mooring ropes. It can not only limit the position of ropes but also help reduce the abrasion of ropes. As a professional marine fairlead supplier, we provide various types of fairleads: CB*58-83 fairlead roller, JIS F 2014 fairlead roller, CB*436-2000 cleat fairlead with single roller (type A, B), NS2585 marine roller, DIN 81906 roller, DIN 81907 cleat fairlead (type A,B), JIS F 2026 horizontal roller fairlead, CB*3062-79 fairlead (type A,BA,BB,C,D,E), CB3015-83 engineering vessel mooring pipe, swivel anchor fairlead, CB290-84 chain wheel etc. We can also provide the customized fairleads according to customer¡¯s special requirement.

We have been selling marine fairleads since our company set up. We are the golden seller in the market of marine mooring device. We aim to provide the best quality products, reasonable price and satisfactory service for our customers. Our marine fairleads comply with the standard of ISO and get the approval of CCS, ABS,BV,LR,NK,RINA.

In order to protect the interests of our customers, we provide one year quality warranty. If you¡¯re interested in our marine fairleads, please feel free to contact us. We¡¯ll try to give you a quick and satisfactory reply.