Marine Towing Pin

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Marine Towing Pin

Marine Towing Pin

Marine towing pin is one part of shark jaw device, which is welded at the AFT of the shark jaw and designed to restrain the side to side movement of chain or wire prior to and while they are captured by the shark jaws during the anchor handling operation. With the help of towing pins, the anchor handling operation is much easier and safer.


1. Designed to limit the side to side movement of chani or wire;

2. Remote-controlled Operations;

3. Retractable pins flush with the deck when not in operation;

4. Remote-controlled Operations;

5. Quick release system;

6. Application: anchor handling tug supply vessel, tug boat, working vessel etc.;


1. Type: inclined, vertical, angular close top, combine modular type;

2. Capacity: 200T/300T/500T;

3. Power Source: Hydraulic;

4. Painting: do as you require;

5. Welded Position: AFT of the shark jaw;

6. Customized and Standard Products are Available;

7. Certificate: CCS,ABS,BV,GL,DNV,LR etc.

Marine Towing Pin

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Marine Towing Pin

Hydraulic Pump for Shark Jaw

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