Marine Harbour Towing Hook

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Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Harbour towing hook is used to enable the ships to be towed safely though ships work under severe working conditions. It can release the towing line whether it is under slack or full safe working load. Harbor towing hook can be released manually or through remote control from the wheelhouse by pulling the release wire or by pushing a button. The remote control systems can be supplied with either a hydraulic or pneumatic release mechanism.


1. Type: Harbour Type

2. Control System: Pneumatic or Hydraulic Control

3. Application: Ship Mooring and Towing

4. Material: Steel

5. Safe Working Load: 150kN to 1000kN

6. Test Load: 300kN to 1500kN

7. Release Load: 150kN to 1000kN

8. Weight: 52kg to 526kg

9. Movement: Side Movement

10. Work Principle: Leverage

11. Durable and Long Lifetime for Use

12. High Quality with Competitive Price

13. Certificate: CCS,ABS, BV, DNV, LR, NK etc.

14. Provide Custom Service for Special Requirement

Except harbor type towing hook, we also supply the following types:

1. Disc Towing Hook

2. Spring Towing Hook

3. Springless Towing Hook

4. Quick Release Towing Hook

5. Pneumatic Release Disc Towing Hook

6. Manual Release Disc Towing Hook

7. Pneumatic Release Harbour Towing Hook

8. Hydraulic Release Towing Hook

9. Manual Release Spring Towing Hook

10. Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

11. Single Quick Release Mooring Hook

12. Double Quick Release Mooring Hook

13. Triple Quick Release Mooring Hook

14. Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Hook

15. Pelican Hook

16. Buoy Type Quick Release Hook

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Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Hydraulic Release Harbour Towing Hook

Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Pneumatic Release Harbour Towing Hook

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