Marine PE pad

Marine PE pad:

UHMW PE is a super engineering plastic that is probably not as well known as some other engineering plastics but can out perform its relatives in a number of importantareas.UHMW offers a combination of excellent properties outstanding abrasion resistance,superior impact resistance,non-sticking and self-lubricating properties and excellent mechanical properties,even in cryogenic conditions.UHMW product reduces noise from impact & vibration.It is a self-lubricating material that is chemical,corrosion,and wear-resistant.And its food safe.The weight is light.Life is higher than steel.The wear resistance is 3-7 times of carbon steel and stainless steel.


1. UHMW PE Sheet

2. UHMW exhibits virtually no water absorption

3. Thickness:3mm-380mm

4. Max Width: 2300mm

5. Length: any length

6. Low coefficient of friction

UHMW PE Characteristics

1. UHMW exhibits virtually no water absorption

2. Non-Toxic

3. Low coefficient of friction

4. Corrosion resistant

5. Abrasion and impact resistant

6. Wear Resistant

7. Great liner material for industrial material habding applications.

Marine PE pad
Marine PE pad

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