Chain Stopper

Chain Stopper

Chain stopper is an important mooring device which is used to clamp the anchor chain, withstand the pull of anchor chain and protect the windlass not in pull state. According to the regulatory requirements of CCS, chain stopper should understand equivalent test load of anchor chain and its stress should not be higher that 90% of its material yielding strength value. To meet the requirements of GL, LR, DNV or other classification societies, chain stopper should withstand 80% of anchor chain¡¯s minimum breaking load and under this case chain stopper won¡¯t be deformed forever.

Chain stopper types: cast lever chain stopper, screw type chain stopper, roller lever chain stopper, pawl type chain stopper, bar type chain stopper, adjustable chain stopper, OCIMF type chain stopper. We supply standard chain stopper JIS F2015,JIS F2016, JIS F2002, JIS F2023,JIS F2033, CB*286-84, GB/T 3844-2000, GB/T 178-96 etc. We can also customize products according to customer¡¯s special requirement.

Chain stoppers are applicable to grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 anchor chains.

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We supply all types of chain stoppers and other mooring equipment such as marine anchor, anchor chain, mooring chock, fairlead, marine bollard and so on. If you¡¯re interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Chain Stopper

JIS F2033-1980 Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper for Grade 3 Chains

Chain Stopper

OCIMF Type Chain Stopper

Chain Stopper

JIS F2031 Pawl Type Chain Stopper

Chain Stopper

Roller Bar Type Chain Stopper

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