Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

Quick Release Mooring Hook

Quick release mooring hook can release the mooring cables quickly and safely in some emergency cases. It is installed on the dock and a new product to replace the traditional bollard. The quick release hook is easy to operate. It can be released by manually or remote controlled from the wheelhouse. Comparing to the original bollard, quick release mooring hook reduces the labor intensity and improve the labor efficiency. It can protect both the vessel and personnel when emergency cases happen and then avoid large losses.

Quality: All our towing hooks have certificate of quality inspection. We can also supply the certificate of classification societies such as CCS, ABS, BV, DNV,GL,LR,KR etc..

Warranty : We undertake to remedy any defective components, caused by poor design, material or workmanship for the goods supplied.

Our liability is limited to replacing the defective parts, which appear within a period of 12 months from date of invoice, provided that our storage, installation, operating and maintenance manual is properly followed.

All our towing hook can be supplied with various options such as

1. Small fairlead for guiding manual release wire to bridge/wheelhouse.

2. Mounting foundation for mounting the towing hook onto the ship¡¯s deck. The foundation can be

welded or bolted onto the ship¡¯s deck, and/or horizontal brackets.

3. Electric-Pneumatic Remote Control system.

4. Electric-Hydraulic Remote Control system.

5. Spring shock-absorber construction.

6. Radial arm construction and fixed radial construction.

7.Load Monitoring System for continuous measurement of towing loads.

8. Anti-slip-rope device(¡°keeper¡±)

We supply different types and sizes of marine towing hooks. For detail information, please click the following corresponding product link or contact us directly via an e-mail or a phone call.

Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

Quick Release Mooring Hooks

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