Swivel Chain Releaser

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Swivel Chain Releaser

Swivel Chain Releaser

Marine Anchor Chain Releaser has mainly three types: simple type anchor releaser, swivel type anchor releaser and plug type anchor releaser. Screw type anchor chain releaser is mainly used on the warship. Its applicable anchor chain diameter is 25mm to 60mm. Simple type anchor releaser is used on river ship or small size ship. Its applicable anchor chain diameter is 17mm to 37mm. Plug type anchor releaser is applicable to anchor chain diameter 52mm to 120mm and commonly used on large and medium ships.

We supply two standard types swivel type anchor chain releaser: CB*289-81 anchor releaser and CB887-77 watertight swivel type anchor releaser. If you have special requirements about the products, we can supply customized products for you. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Swivel Chain Releaser:

1. Discharging Anchor Chain to Help Ship Out of Emergency;

2. Easy to Operate;

3. Standard: CB*289-81, CB887-77;

4. Applicable Chain Diameter: 25mm to 60mm;

5. Material: Steel;

6. Supply CCS, DNV, ABS, LR,BV,GL Certificate etc.

7. Can be Customized

Swivel Chain Releaser

CB*289-81 Screw Type Anchor Releaser

Swivel Chain Releaser

Watertight Screw Type Anchor Releaser CB*887-77

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