Steel Mooring Buoy

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Steel Mooring Buoy

Steel Mooring Buoy

Steel mooring buoy is widely used for ship¡¯s anchorage mooring. It floats on the surface and connects the anchor at the bottom of water with anchor chains. Ships can do the following operations when park: recharging, sheltering, degaussing or standby etc..

Material: Steel and Filled with Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam

Shape: Round, Cylindrical

Size: Different Specifications Suitable for Different Tonnage of Vessels

Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange etc.

We can provide design and production service and sample processing service as well.

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Main Features:

1. High Corrosion Resistance

2. Convenient Maintenance and Less Maintenance Cost

3. Fully Welded and Sealed Unsinkable Construction

4. Good Waterproof Performance

5. Reducing Collision with the Boats

6. Strong Buoyancy

7. Environmental Protection

Steel Mooring Buoy

Steel Mooring Buoy

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