Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

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Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

Foam filled mooring buoy is made of steel and closed cell foam. This unsinkable construction can withstand the toughest mooring application and environment. We provide services of design, production and sample processing of mooring buoys. If you want to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Main Features:

1. Suitabel for Marina, Port and Coastal Applications

2. Unsinkable Construction

3. Lightweight Design and Constructure

4. High Corrosion Resistance

5. Easy Operation and Less Maintenance Cost

6. High Abrasion Resistance

7. High Impact Absorption Capacity

8. Large Buoyancy

Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

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