UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

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UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

UHMWPE mooring buoy is made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material whose molecular weight is more than 2.5millions and its chemical structure is saturated molecules. This type of mooring buoy works much better than polyethylene modular buoy and steel buoy. It is maintenance free and has long-term service life.

Main Features

1. UHMWPE Material

2. Environment Friendly: Self-colored with environmental pigment; Good chemical stability, won't be decomposed in seawater for decades

3. Excellent Impact Resistance: Resilience quickly with no deformation after collision

4. High Corrosion Resistance

5. Single Structure:Filled with high density PU foam single body, no water leakage, no inclination and no sinking

6. High Weather Resistance: can work under temperature from -100íŠ to 85íŠ.

7. Longer Life: Nearly 50 years service time

8. Maintenance Free: tail tube and floating body need no painting, no water growth cleaning

9. Easy for Deployment: can be deployed by small vessel

10. Anti-typhoon 17 grade

11. CCS,IALA ,ISO 9001,DNV,NS,OHSAS18001,ISO14001

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UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

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