Chain Chaser

Chain Chaser

Chain chasers are used widespread in the offshore and marine industry. It is a tool for recovering anchors from the seabed when the anchor fails and is deployed by the buoy and pennant method.

The material of the chain chaser is very important factor. It cannot be as hard or harder than the material of the wire or chain itself for the wear might have potential damage to the chain or wire.

The chain chasers have different shapes and sizes in order to suit different need of mooring system. It can handle anchors up to 30 ton and stud link chains up to 4 ½ inches in diameter.

We mainly supply the following types of chain chaser and grapnelz:

1. Four Prong Grapnel;

2. J Chain Chaser;

3. J Lock Chaser

4. Permanent Chain Chaser;

5. Detachable Permanent Chain Chaser;

6. Permanent Ring Chaser;

7. Permanent Wire Chaser;

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Chain Chaser

J Chain Chaser

Chain Chaser

Permanent Chain Chaser

Chain Chaser

J Lock Chain Chaser

Chain Chaser

Detachable Permanent Chain Chaser

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