Barrel Mooring Buoy

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Barrel Mooring Buoy

Barrel Mooring Buoy

This barrel mooring buoy is anti-typhoon anchor mooring buoy for ship berthing. It is used for ships and naval vessels to mooring and avoid the typhoon at sea. Corresponding to different tonnage of vessels, there are different anchoring system. Various specifications of the mooring buoys can be used for ship berthing of different tonnage vessels. It is convenient and flexible to use mooring buoys to help ship mooring. Mooring buoy is an important anchor mooring system.

Anchorage mooring buoy consists of floating drum, mooring ring, anchorage block, anchor chains, sinker etc..

Our company has rich experience in the design and production of the mooring buoys. We can provide design, production or sample processing. Inquiry of orders are welcome.

Main Features

1. Be made of ship steel

2. Be filled up with resilient closed cell polyethylene foam

3. Be grit blasted and printed with Epoxy paint

4. In Line with the ӨChina Sea Water Sign Ӯ and ӨGeneral Technical Conditions of Buoys Ӯ etc.

5. Welding Process in Accordance with the Relevant Standards of China Classification Society

6. Past the Air Tightness Test before Leaving the Factory, No Leakage

7. Easy Installation

8. Long Service Life, Up to 8 Years

9. Good Impact Resistance and Anti-settling Performance

Types and Parameters of Mooring Buoy



(Without Anchor Chains t)

Diameter”Į Height(m)

Anchor Chain(mm)

Mooring Ring(mm)


Cable Shackle(mm)

Mooring Capacity(t)

Type 2.0 Mooring Buoy


¦µ2”Į 1.74






Type 2.6 Mooring Buoy








Type 3.6 Mooring Buoy


¦µ3.6”Į 2.14






Type 5 Mooring Buoy


¦µ5”Į 3.4






Type 5.5 Mooring Buoy


¦µ5.5”Į 3.0


Type 6 Mooring Buoy


¦µ6.0”Į 3.2


Barrel Mooring Buoy

Barrel Mooring Buoy

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