Cylindrical Foam Buoy

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Cylindrical Foam Buoy

Cylindrical Foam Buoy

Cylindrical foam buoy is one type of single point systems. Except cylindrical buoys, chain through buoys and pick-up buoys are the other two types of surface support buoys.

Main Features:

A. Core

The core is filled with the resilient closed ceel polyethylene or EVA foam. The polyethylene foam is the material that have good water resistance. Though the skin is punctured, the mooring buoy won't absorb water, which increases the lifespan of the product and reduces maintenance costs. The resilient material also makes the mooring buoy have high impact absorption capacity.

B. Skin

The core is encapsulated with a skin of high performance polyurethane elastomer. Polyurethane elastomer makes the mooring buoy high abrasion resistance and more durable than other polyethylene materials used in the construction of rotationally moulded buoys.

C. Steelwork and End Assembly

The mooring buoy has a central steel tube with lonitudinal gussets and external load distribution flanges at each end.All the material of swivel assembly are hot dip galvanized.

D.Skin Color: Red, Yellow, Orange or other colors for option

E. Application: Mooring Buoys used in the dock, water area mark,platform etc.

F. Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Cost

G. Light Weight and Large Buoyance

H. We can supply tailored mooring buoys to suit customer's specific requirement.

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Cylindrical Foam Buoy

Cylindrical Foam Buoy

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