Floating Mooring Buoy

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Floating Mooring Buoy

Floating Mooring Buoy

Mooring buoys are an important mooring facility for ship mooring. It is cylindrical shaped mooring equipment that floats on the surface and connects anchor on the bottom of water with anchor chains. Mooring buoy consists of mooring ring, buoy body, anchor chains and anchor. Mooring ring is used to join the ship cables and transfer the mooring force to the steel ring of the anchor chains. Mooring rings has two forms: flat type mooring ring and insert type mooring ring.

Main Features

1. Can Reduce Collision Effectively among the Boats

2. Waterproof and Anti--corrosion

3. Environment Friendly Material

4. Long Lifespan and Maintenance Free

5. Large Buoyancy

6. Unsinkable Constructure

7. Can be Produced according to Customer's Drawings and Requirements

8. Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS,DIN, GB, JIS

Floating Mooring Buoy

Floating Mooring Buoy

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