Welded Inclined Bollard(DH type)

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Welded Inclined Bollard(DH type)

Welded Inclined Bollard (DH type)

DH type welded inclined bollard is single base plate welded oblique post bollard. It is produced based on standard GB/T 556-65. The pillar is inclined to the base plate in order to help fix the mooring ropes more tightly and avoid releasing from the bollard. We also supply SH type welded inclined bollard and other types such as single cross bollard, double cross bollard, single bitt bollard, double bitt bollard, welding bollard, horn type bollard, kidney type bollard, T head type bollard. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Drawing of DH Type Welded Inclined Bollard

unit: mm

Welded Inclined Bollard(DH type)

Type Max.Diameter of Wire Ropes Max.Diameter of Hemp Ropes D D1 L B A A1 H t Weight(kg)
DH 8.7 75 50 65 310 100 205 166 170 6 5.0
11.5 90 70 90 430 125 296 238 215 7 11.5
13.5 100 100 115 540 160 364 290 240 7 19.2

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