Dock Bollard

Dock Bollard

Dock bollard has different types for specific mooring use. It includes kidney bollard, staghorn bollard, Tee type bollard, curved type bollard, Y type bollard, J type bollard,R type bollard, CVI type bollard etc. Except dock bollard, we provide other standard bollards and customized products as well. For specific information, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Dock Bollard

1. Capacity: up to 200 tonnes;

2. Material: Cast iron,cast steel, cast SG iron;

3. Color: depend on the need of dock;

4. Technics: Precision Cast;

5. Surface: High corrosion-resistance, polished, galvanized;

6. Bolts Quantity: 4 to 8;

7. Certificate: CCS,ABS,GL etc.

Dock Bollard

Dock Bollard

Dock Bollard

Dock Bollard

Pictures of Different Shape Dock Bollards

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