Marine Fire Fighting Equipment

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Marine Fire Fighting Equipment

Marine fire fighting equipment

Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus-CCS and EC approval

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus-CCS and EC approval

Firemaní»s outfit-CCS Approval

Heat insulation suit-CCS Approval

Chemical protective clothing-CCS Approval

Fire fighting suit -EN469 and NFPA1971 Approval

Flight suit/Pilot suit

Flame retardant coverall

Fire fighting gloves

Yellow fire fighting glove (with reflector ribbon)

Fire fighter helmets

Fire fighting rubber boot

Escape mask / Respirator

Dry Powder Extinguishing Agent

Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder Filling Machine

Fire Extinguisher Co2 Filling Machine

Fire Extinguisher N2 filling machine

Fire Extinguisher Foam filling machine/water type filling machine

Hydraulic high pressure hose crimper

Dry powder fire extinguisher-CE and EN3 approval

Co2 fire extinguisher-CE and EN3 approval

Water type fire extinguisher-CE and EN3 approval

Fire hydrant adaptor

Fire hydrant valve

Fire hydrant valve cap and Plug

Fire Hydrant adaptor

Fire monitor

Fire hose

Explosion-proof light

Fire blanket-CE EN1869 approval

Guillemin quick coupling

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