3percent-6percent AR-FFFP foam agent

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3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent

3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent

3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent is the 3% induction ratio on hydrocarbon fires and 6% on polar solvents. Every type of foam has its application. The most flexibility is achieved by AR-FFFP. It is multipurpose foam liquid useful both for hydrocarbon fuel fires as well as polar solvent fuel fires. 3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent is used for B class hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, petroleum and aviation fuels and FFFP is better than other foam extinguishing agent for cases where the burning fuel can form deeper pools.

Product detail:

Model NO.: 3%-6% AR-FFFP

Brand: HI-SEA

Standard: EN1568 Standard

Manufacturer: Yes

OEM: OEM Available

Type: Aqueous film forming foam.

Item: 3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent

Protein type: Alcohol-resistant film-forming fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP)

3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent index

Typical Characteristics of Foam Concentrates at 25o C

3%-6% AR-FFFP


6.0 - 8.0


Deep Brown Liquid

Specific gravity

1.06 - 1.10 gm/ml

Miscibility With Fresh & sea water


Viscosity, Maximum

1200-1500 cps

Pour Point


Freezing point


Sludge content, Maximum


photo of 3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent

3%-6% AR-FFFP foam agent

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