MiniSCAPE Breathing Apparatus

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MiniSCAPE Breathing Apparatus

MiniSCAPE Breathing Apparatus

The MiniSCAPE breathing apparatus is a portable escape respirator. It can help the user in emergent circumstance and provide 5 minute air breathing for their escape. This escape respirator is well designed according to the human face.It uses the most advanced filter medium technology TabTec, reducing the volume and weight of filter medium. It is comfortable to wear and portable to carry. If you want to know more about the product,please feel free to contact us.

Characteristics of MiniSCAPE Breathing Apparatus:

1. Ideal for those who need to wear spectacles or goggles and for those with facial hair

2.Silicone mouthpiece ĘC no need for a head harness

3.Integrated belt clip ĘC attach the escape device to your clothing

4.Compact and translucent plastic carrying case ensures the escape device is protected

5.Hygienic and convenient

Product Detail:

Size: 65*85*112mm

Weight: 190g

Service Time: Min.5 minutes

Flow Resistance: below 2.5mbar(30L/min)

Approvals: ABEK-5 according to DIN 58647-T7

Package: mouthpiece,integrated filter housing,plastic case,nose clip

Packed in Plastic Box:

MiniSCAPE Breathing Apparatus

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