3percent-3percent AR-FFFP foam agent

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3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent

3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent

AR-FFFP foam agent is Alcohol-resistant film-forming fluoroprotein( AR-FFFP). 3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent is the 3% induction ratio on hydrocarbon fires and 3% on polar solvents. Alcohol gives rapid control and post extinction security. Its excellent resistance to water soluble solvents is due to the formation of a cohesive polymeric membrane formed on the fuel surface which protects the foam from polar fuels. 3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent has excellent fire performance on all kinds of flammable liquids and it brings into big effect in extinguishing burning alcohols.

Product detail:

Model NO.: 3%-3% AR-FFFP

Brand: HI-SEA

Standard: EN1568 Standard

Manufacturer: Yes

OEM: OEM Available

Type: Aqueous film forming foam.

Item: 3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent

Protein type: Alcohol-resistant film-forming fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP)

3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent index

Typical Characteristics of Foam Concentrates at 25o C

3%-3% AR-FFFP



Specific gravity


Miscibility With Fresh & sea water


Viscosity, Maximum


Pour Point/Freezing point

(-)5 oC to
(-)10 oC

Sludge content, Maximum


Surface Tension, Maximum

19 dyne/cm

Spreading Coefficient, Minimum


photo of 3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent

3%-3% AR-FFFP foam agent

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