Marine Flame Detector

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Marine Flame Detector

Marine Flame Detetor


This type flame detector is designed to protect indoor areas where open flaming fires may be expected. The detector has a UV and dual IR sensors responding to different wavelengths in order to discriminate between flames and spurious sources of radiation.As the UV flame detector is sensitive only to UV radiation from the flame detector responds even to stationary flames with no flicker such as cigarette lights and blue gas flames. The detector is designed to respond to all UV radiation emitted by almost all flames including those that are invisible to the naked eye such as hydrogen fires.


Triple waveband infrared solar blind flame detection for optimum false alarm immunity;

Housing designed for easy installation of cabling

Flexible mounting and angular adjustment

2*20mm field cable entries

Operating temperature range 40íŠ to 80íŠ

Variable response times and sensitivity settings

Remote self test and range seeting

Terminal provides for remote LED connection where relevant

Lower power consumption

Marine Flame Detector

Marine Flame Detector

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