Marine Ionization Smoke Detector

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Marine Ionization Smoke Detector

Marine Ionization Smoke Detector

This kind detector is professional marine fire detector that it introduces from foreigh technology production with CCS certification. To adapt to the wide range of voltage, small job current, high reliability, environmental adaptability is strong, attractive appearance.

Main Technical Parameters

Alarm Current: 2mA @ (3.1V DC )Min,80mA( 6.5V DC )Max

Average Standby Current:50mA

Working Voltage:15-35V DC

Ambient Temperature:-10ˇăC~55ˇăC

Ambient Humidity:5% _95% RH No Condensation

Dimension:Diameter*High (102* 55)mm



Max Air Velocity:10m/s

Why The Boat or Ship Must Be Armed with This Advice?

Marine smoke ionization smoke detector are better minute quantities of smoke because of the different principle of operation. The construction of this detector is basically in the form of two plates with a potential different between them which is generated by applying a voltage across them. A small amount of radioactive material is used to ionize the atomsphere between the plates so that it continues current flows between the two plates the ionized air particles get neutralized because of the smoke particles.

The main advantages of this detector is that it can detect very tiny amounts of smoke which is very good from the safety point of view, especially on a ship which is floating is isolated conditions amidist the sea.

Marine Ionization Smoke Detector

Marine Ionization Smoke Detector

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