Manual Fire Water Monitor

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Manual Fire Water Monitor

Manual Fire Water Monitor

Manual fire water monitor is light weight to move and easy to operate. It can achieve reliable positioning locking. Manual water fire monitor can spay water to extinguish the fire through DC or flowering. Its flow nozzles are adjustable and automatic. It is made of stainless steel and has the function of anti-corrosion. It is the best fire extinguishing equipment with high performance and high quality. If youre interested in our fire monitors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Specification:

Model Type: Manual fire water monitor

Flow Rate:20L/S~60L/S

Jetting Range:48m~80m

Working Pressure: 0.8MPa~1.4MPa

Flange Type: DN80,DN100

Body Material: Stainless steel

Sealing Material: NBR

Horizontal Turning Angle:0~360

Vertical Turning Angle:70

Certificate:EC etc.

Manual Fire Monitor:

Manual Fire Water Monitor

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