FRP Fire Equipment

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FRP Fire Equipment

FRP Fire Equipment

Our company is specialized in selling all kinds of FRP Fire equipment which is very important in daily life to put out the fire and prevent the fire. All our products are made of FRP which shows a lot of advantages, light weight,corrosion resistance,low maintenance,etc. There are many kinds ,such as FRP Fire Extinguisher Stand,Universal Fire Point,FRP Fire Extinguisher Box,FRP Fire Hose Box,FRP Fire Sandbox, FRP Firefighting Cabinet,FRP Fireman's Outfits Box, FRP EEBD Box,FRP Lifejacket Storage Box,FRP Fire Sand Bucket and FRP Fire Hydrant Box.All of them can be customized as your requirements.


1.Made of FRP

2.Can be customized

3.Can be used for a long time

4.All kinds of the FRP Fire Equipment

5.Beautiful outlook

6.Smooth surface

7.Low maintenance

8.Good flexibility

FRP Fire Equipment

Universal Fire Point

FRP Fire Equipment

Frp Fire Extinguisher Box

FRP Fire Equipment

FRP Firefighting Cabinet

FRP Fire Equipment

FRP Fire Hose Box

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