FM200 Fire Extinguisher

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FM200 Fire Extinguisher

Halocarbon replacements, HCFC Blend B (Halotron I, American Pacific Corporation), HFC-227ea (FM-200, Great Lakes Chemicals Corporation), and HFC-236fa (FE-36, DuPont), have been approved by the FAA for use in aircraft cabins in 2010. Considerations for halon replacement include human toxicity when used in confined spaces, ozone depleting potential, and greenhouse warming potential

Product detail:

Agent: Hfc-277ea Type: Transportable Fire Extinguisher

Size: 70kg Power Source: Pressure Fire Extinguisher

Retirement Life: 10 Years Effective Range: 5m

Dry Powder Type: ordinary Dry Powder Object: lass A Fires

Color: Red or the color you want Fire Extinguishing Means: 5.3MPa ~ 5.4MPa

Design Pressure of the Nozzle: Normal 0.7MPa, Min.0.40MPa Working Temperature:-10 to +60

Discharging Time: Less 10s

Power Supply: Dcv 24, 0.5A Valve Powder Supply: 6.0 1.0 MPa(20c)

System Working Pressure:-10c~55c Volume Capacity Of FM200 System: 40L,70L,90L,100L,120L,150L,180L

FM200 Fire Extinguisher, Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is a highly efficient, nontoxic and clean fire extinguishing agent. After being used, it leaves nothing, damages nothing and pollutes nothing. It is widely used in places of electrical facilities and other places of frequent fire accidents, such as power distribution rooms, correspondence engine rooms and so forth.

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