Surface Recessed FRP Fire Extinguisher Box

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Surface Recessed FRP Fire Extinguisher Box

Surface Recessed FRP Fire Extinguisher Box

It is The surface recessed type which is installed easily. It is made of FRP which has a lot of advantages,such as light material,high intensity,erosion resistance, striking resistance,good tenacity. There are many types of this product and many sizes. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us. It can be customized as your requirement.


1.Different sizes

2.Can be customized

3.Easily installed

4.Light material

5.High intensity

6.Erosion resistance

7.Striking resistance

8.Aging resistance

9.Surface Recessed


Name No. Dimension
Ground-mounted FRP Fire Extinguisher Box No.1 830mmX620mmX200mm
No.2 800mmX500mmX240mm
No.3 800mmX500mmX300mm
No.4 750mmX750mmX250mm
No.5 650mmX500mmX300mm
No.6 755mmX305mmX225mm
No.7 655mmX285mmX225mm
No.8 750mmX380mmX250mm
No.9 1130mmX430mmX350mm
No.10 630mmX360mmX200mm
No.11 600mmX250mmX160mm
No,12 750mmX400mmX200mm
No.13 770mmX390mmX250mm
No.14 815mmX950mmX320mm

Surface Recessed FRP Fire Extinguisher Box


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