Double Pipe Fire Monitor

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Double Pipe Fire Monitor

Double Pipe Fire Monitor

SS150 double pipe fire monitor is electric fire monitor which is made of stainless steel.It has a powerful fire extinguishing effect with its double pipe design. The monitor can be positioned at any horizontal or vertical direction. Large flow rate, distant range and discharging range are its features. This double pipe fire monitor is simple and convenient to operate with the electric control. If youre interested in our fire monitors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Specification:

Model Type: Double Pipe Fire Monitor(SS150)

Effective Capacity:18000L/min

Maximum Pressure: 16bar

Flange Inlet: DN150 PN16

Optional Inlet: DN200/ANSI6

Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0~360

Vertical Rotation Angle: -45~+75


Body Material: Stainless Steel/Anti-corrosion Aluminum Alloy/Copper Alloy

Certificate: CCS,EC etc.

Double Pipe Fire Monitor:

Double Pipe Fire Monitor

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