Marine Smoke Detector

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Marine Smoke Detector

Marine Smoke Detector

Marine smoke fire detector is professional marine fire detector that introduce from foreign technology production with CCS certificate. This model fire detector adopt sensing technolgy that is different in design from previous optical detector's and significantly reduces false alarms. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.

Main Technical Parameters

I.Alarm current:Max 60 mA

II.Working Voltage: DC 24 V

III.Warming Temperature: 60íŠ-85 íŠ

IV.Ambient Temperature:-10íŠ-100íŠ

V.Color: White

Main Features

I.Low battery warning.

II.Fault signal Warning.

III. Low power consumption.

IV.Power supply non-polar input.

V.SMT manufacture technology, high stability.

Marine Smoke Detector

Marine Smoke Detector

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