Rubber Industrial Hydraulic Hose

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Rubber Industrial Hydraulic Hose

Rubber Industrial Hydraulic Hose

Mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oil exploration, suitable to engineer construction, crane transport, forging metallurgy, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery various machine tools.


1.It provides superior oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance by using special synthetic rubber.

2.It provides high pressure resistance and superior impulse resistance.

3.It provides superior bonding in hose internal, soft use and small deformation under pressure.

4.It provides superior kink resistance and fatigue resistance and longer services life.

Product details:

Palace of origin: Chongqing, China (mainland)

Brand name: HI-SEA

Inner Cover: Oil Resistant Synthetic Rubber

Reinforcement: Steel Wire

Outer Cover: Oil & Ozone Resistant Synthetic Rubber

Fluid: General Mineral Hydraulic Oil

Temperature range: -40ˇăC~+100ˇăC

Rubber Industrial Hydraulic Hose

Rubber Industrial Hydraulic Hose

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