RHZK 5 30 SCBA 5L 300 Bar

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RHZK 5 30 SCBA 5L 300 Bar

RHZK 5 30 SCBA 5L 300 Bar

RHZK 5/30 is a positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighting use.The cylinder is made of steel and has 5liters volume.RHZK 5/30 is made according to the national standard requirements GA124 Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus.It is of high performance and has safety guarantee.

Product Detail:

Model No.:RHZK5/30



Service Time:50min

Volume of cylinder: 5L

Working Pressure:30MPa

Material of Cylinder:Steel

Certificate: CCS,GL,EC


Model No. Max Flow(Lmin) Working Pressure(Mpa) Alarm Pressure(MPa) Cylinder Volume(L) Working Time(min) Weight(kg) Inhalation&Exhalation Resistance(Pa) Package Size(mm)
RHZK5/30 300 30 4-6 5 50 12 <687<588 700*300*480

RHZK 5 30 SCBA 5L 300 Bar

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