Steel Toe Fireman Boots

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Steel Toe Fireman Boots

Steel Toe Fireman Boots

The fireman' s boot is an EC-approved safety boot and is produced in compliance with the EN345 standard. In this way our fireman's boot meets the most stringent heat and flame resistance requirements. Thanks to these specific characteristics, our boots are particularly appreciated among fire fighters, civil protection and rescue services.

In contrast to PVC, which is a stiff material, the flexibility of rubber makes the boots pleasant to wear. In addition the boots adjust to the feet without pinching. The elasticity of rubber combined with the cotton stretch lining increase comfort, while putting them on . The suppleness of rubber provides unequaled wearing comfort. The natural spring contributes to healthier ergonomics for the feet.



Black and yellow


36 - 50

Type of construction

Vulcanized rubber upper and sole

Rubber components

Black/yellow in color, 65% natural rubber, 30% styrene butadiene rubber and 5% chloroprene rubber


Oil resistant - Immersion in iso-octane (22 hours at 22C)
12% max change in volume
Abrasion resistant - DIN 53516: 250mm 3 max.
Hardness shore A: 65 5

Steel midsole

One piece stainless steel, meets CSA-Z195-02 sole penetration and EN345 flexing test

Steel toe

Meets EN 345 impact and compression

Chemical resistant

Upper - Resistant towards mild acids and alkali
Sole - Resistant towards mild acids


CE approved, GA6-2004

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Steel Toe Fireman Boots

Steel Toe Fireman Boots

Steel Toe Fireman Boots

Steel Toe Fireman Boots

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