Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

EEBA emergency escape breathing apparatus provides instant emergency respiratory protection to help the users escape from the confined spaces,or toxic,hazardous places. It is approved to SOLAS Chapter II - 2 and MSC/Circ.849 & designed to meet ¦¥¦­1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008).It also get the approval of CCS. It is a safety necessity for the vessels. EEBA is simple to use for everyone.The user first opens the carrying pouch,then turns the cylinder valve to the ¡°ON¡±position.And then removes and dons the hood.

Key Features:

1. Simple to use,light to carry;

2. Provide instant safety protection;

3. Full face hood available to everyone;

4. Refillable steel/carbon fiber composite cylinder;

5. Provide constant air flow for 5-30 minutes;

6. CCS,SOLAS approved

Product Detail:

Product Name: Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Service Time: 5-30min

Cylinder Volume: 2.2/3/3.2L

Working Pressure: 21MPa

Cylinder Material: Steel/carbon fiber composite

User No.: One person

Certificate: CCS,CE etc.

Operation Steps:

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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