Marine Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector

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Marine Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector

Marine Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector

Marine fire-fighting equipment play a very important role in our life.They are equipped on all vessels. Marine addressable ionization smoke fire detector is one of most popular models of fire detector than be installed in vessel. This smoke fire detector be designed to provide reliable sensing of both visible and invisible products of combustion from fast burning fires.The sensor advanced design and response make it effective in risk areas where the materials such as oil, spirits, wood or paper may be stored.

Featuring an advanced dual chamber singal source design, the ZP10-2 fully meets the sensitivity requirement of European Standard, EN 54 Pt 7 and is approved by several international approval bodies. It has some features like high efficienvy, low power consumption and so on. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.

Product Specifications



Weight:120kg(with base)

Operating Temperature Range:-10-55

Operating Humidity:10%-95%RH


Standby Current:<700A(24VDC)

Alarm Current:<3.5mA(24VDC)

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