Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency escape respirator is used to help the user escape from the dangerous gas or hypoxia environment when face disasters or emergent incidents.It provides constant flowing air to the headgear and for the users inhalation.It is a self-saving escape breathing device.If you want to know more,please feel free to contact us.

Characteristics of Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus:

1. Carbon fiber composite or steel cylinder(depends on your requirement)

2. Provide constant flowing fresh air to user

3. Widely used in marine shipping, chemical industry, laboratory, hotel etc.

4. Portable and light to carry

5. High Performance,High Quality

Product Detail:

Model No.: 3KHT

Volume: 3L

Voltage: 30MPa

Air Flow 30L/min

Working Time: 25min

Weight: 3.5kg

Size: 450*120*290mm

Package: Cylinder,carrying bag,pressure gauges,valve,gas tube,hood

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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