Marine Heat Fire Detector

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Marine Heat Fire Detector

Marine Heat Fire Detector

Marine heat fire detector as one kind of marine fire detector that is widely used in one vessel . This model incorporates a variable temperature element and a rate of rise heat element, both of which are controlled from the control panel, allowing either thermal or both elements simultaneously to be active in marking the fire decision. The sensor polling LEDs can also be controlled via the control panel. Some features that this model has are the heat detectors are based on advanced thermistor technology and provide a reliable response to the fire in areas; the heat detector is designed to provide accurate alarm, when the area temperature raise up to a fixed temperature; the sensor is compatiable to the conventional fire control panel.

Technical Specifications

Operationg Voltage Range: DC 15V-DC 30V

Maximum Standby Current:200uA at 24VDC /300uA 24vDC

LED Current:3.5mA 24Vdc( RED) ;7.0mA 24VDC( Green);10.5mA 24VDC ( Yellow)

Remote Output Voltage: 22.5V DC 24VDC

Remote Output Current:10.8mA 24V DC

Temperature Range:-30 íŠ-70íŠ

Humidity:10%-93% relative humidity

Height:61mm installed in B501base



Marine Heat Fire Detector

Marine Heat Fire Detector

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