Automatic Fire Water Monitor

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Automatic Fire Water Monitor

Automatic Fire Water Monitor

Automatic fire water monitor is wireless electric fire monitor. It can be remote controlled by the user to put out the fire. It has adjustable flow rate,wide discharging range and jetting range. Automatic water monitor can spray water column and water mist with different fun heads. It is light weight to carry and simple to operate. It is an excellent fire extinguishing equipment for petrochemical industries, storage tank areas,hangars, warehouses, ports or other places. If youre interested in the fire monitors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Specification:

Model Type: Remote,electric control and manual operation

Flow Rate Range: 20-50L/S

Spray Range: 50-70m

Working Pressure: 1.0MPa

Spray Angle: 0~120

Elevation Angle: +70

Horizontal Swing Angle:90

Install Type: Detachable

Fix Type: Bracket

Connector Size: 2-80

Working Voltage: DC24V

Battery Capacity: 4.5A/h

Remote Distance: 0~150m

Weight: 30kg

Certificate: CE etc.

Automatic Fire Water Monitor:

Automatic Fire Water Monitor

Automatic Fire Water Monitor

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