Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher Filling Product Line

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Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher Filling Product Line

Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher Production Line

Automatic powder fire extnguisher production line was invented in recent years that equipped with high precision and programmable Logic Controller that be called PLC for control, assuring big capacity and precision production. This product also adopts advanced mechanical technology and advanced oversea's, assuring long period of working life. The running of all the work stations and the cooperate between work station is driven by air pressure. The product line adopts the advanced technolgy of optics , engine , electricity and air and achieves the high automatic feature and is made of powder tank station, fast filling station , precision filling station and some other key parts.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity: 200 cylinder/hour

Conveying linear Speed: 6kg/min

Filling Speed: 30kg/min

Powder Filling Accuracy: 0.7%

Air Driving Pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

Voltage: AC 380v /AC 220V 50Hz

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