15min Emergency Escape Breathing Device

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15min Emergency Escape Breathing Device

15min Emergency Escape Breathing Device

Emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) is used to help the userí»s respiratory system when they are in the confined, toxic and hazardous environment. EEBD is simple to operate for everyone. It can provide constant air flow for the users under the emergent harmful circumstance. EEBD passes the standard EN136, EN137 and gets approved by CCS. One set of EEBD consists of compressed air bottle, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, gas ducts, hoods, backpacks and other components.

Key Features:

1. Simple to use,light to carry;

2. Provide instant safety protection;

3. Full face hood available to everyone;

4. Refillable steel/carbon fiber composite cylinder;

5. Provide constant air flow for 15 minutes;

6. CCS,SOLAS approved

Product Detail:

Product Name:15min Emergency Escape Breathing Device

Service Time: 15min

Cylinder Volume: 3L

Working Pressure: 21MPa

Cylinder Material: Steel/carbon fiber composite

User No.: One person

Certificate: CCS,CE etc.


15min Emergency Escape Breathing Device

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