Wheeled Foam Monitor

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Wheeled Foam Monitor

Wheeled Foam Monitor

Wheeled type foam monitor is one type of foam monitors which spray foam to extinguish the long distance fire. It has adjustable flow rate,distant range,wide discharging range and adjustable discharging status. Wheeled foam monitor has flexible rotation.It can be rotated horizontally by 0~360. Its flow rate ranges from 20~200L/S. Different types of fire monitors have their specific features. If youre interested in our fire monitors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Specification:

Model Type: Wheeled Foam Monitor

Rated Flow Rate: 20~200L/S

Rated Working Pressure: 0.8~1.4MPa

Discharge Range: 50~110 meters

Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0~360

Pitching Rotation Angle: 70

Max Discharge Angle:>90

Weight: 15~75kg

Available Size:2,2.5,3,4

Wheeled Foam Monitor:

Wheeled Foam Monitor

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