FRP Fire Hose Box

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FRP Fire Hose Box

FRP Fire Hose Box

We offer all kinds of FRP Fire Hose Boxes which are used to store the fire hose and fire hose nozzle. All our products are made of FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) . So we can ensure that our products can be used for a long time. There are many types, including the single-door FRP fire hose box, double-door FRP fire hose box, recessed type FRP fire hose box, wall-mounted FRP fire hose box, FRP fire hose box with hose reel mounting bracket and FRP fire hose box without hose reel reel mounting bracket.We can also offer the service that the products can be customized as your requirements. You can get the products of high quality and low price from us. We would love to answer all your questions.


1.High quality and low price

2.Can be customized

3.Made of FRP

4.Different sizes

5.Long service life

6.Smooth surface

7.Corrosion resistance

8.Aging resistance

FRP Fire Hose Box

Wall-mounted FRP Fire Hose Box

FRP Fire Hose Box

Recessed Type FRP Fire Hose Box

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