Automatic Fire Extinguisher Powder Filling Machine

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Automatic Fire Extinguisher Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Powder Filling Machine


This model adopts vacuum jet flow technology, inhale the powder to another vessel automatically according to foreign advanced technology, equipped with high-precision type T3805 weight indicator, and clean the residual powder of filter by adopting sub-pressure generating by vacuum at the same time. It features simple operation, easy movement,light, long working life. So it is an ideal equipment in powder filling.

Main Technical Parameters

Volume: 1130 * 520 * 1350 mm ( L * W * H )

Weight:200 kg

Voltage: AC 220V 50 Hz

Power: 1.5 Kw

Filling precision: 1kgܡ0.015

Filling speed: 6- 12 kg/min

Unique Features

I.Automatic filling and automatic stop;automatic during whole procedures.

II.High efficiency_ More than 8kg per minutes; 25-30 seconds for 4kg fire extinguisher; 45- 50 seconds for 8 kg fire extinguisher.

III.Economy_ Only one worker is needed to operate the whole filling action, cylinder movement.

IV.Automatic cleaning_ It will clean once after filling one extinguisher without the use of manual cleaning filter. An automatic swith for cleaning is fixed separately. For cleaning you have to press the button only and the filler will be cleaned by itself.

V.Pollution-free_ The filler is placed in the filling shop while the powder is stored in the warehouse, separating the powder source from the workshop and completely avoiding the pollution by dust.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Fire Extionguisher Powder Filling Machine

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