Pedal Type FRP Fire Sandbox

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Pedal Type FRP Fire Sandbox

Pedal Type FRP Fire Sandbox

The utility model overall use of FRP materials. It is a kind of new product.It belongs to the pedal type. It is widely used in the gas station, oil companies, the cargo of flammable and explosive dangerous goods. It has many advantages: simple structure, easy to use.When the fire breaks out, you can step on the foot valve to open the door and leak the sand. It can leak the sand quickly,greatly improving the speed of leaking sand, so as to achieve the aim the put out the fire. The product can be customized as your requirements, you are free to contact us.


1.Can be customized

2.Made of FRP

3.Smooth surface

4.Pedal type

5.Can be used for a long time

6.Low maintenance

7.Easy to use

8.High capacity

9.Corrosion resistance

10.Aging resistance

Pedal Type FRP Fire Sandbox

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