Marine Fire Monitor

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Marine Fire Monitor

Marine Fire Monitor

Fire monitor is a kind of important firefighting device which is used to extinguish the long distance fire. Marine fire monitor applies to marine vessels and offshore fixed platforms.It has a large effective capacity of 32000L/min. Its main body is made of stainless steel or anti-corrosion aluminum alloy. Marine fire monitor is the best fire extinguishing device for ships. It is effective and simple to use. It can be fixed on any horizontal or vertical position.

Product Detail:

Effective Capacity: 32000L/min

Max Pressure: 16bar

Inlet: Flange DN250 PN16

Outlet: Flange Connection

Optional inlet: Flange DN300/ANS 110

Rotation Range:

Horizontal: 360

Vertical: +75~ -45

Weight: ~550kg


Body: Stainless Steel/Anti-corrosion Aluminum Alloy

Sealing: NBR

Pipe: Hard Aluminum Alloy

Flange: Stainless Steel/Anti-corrosion Aluminum Alloy/Copper Alloy

Painting: Red RAL3000

Certificate: CCS,CE etc.

Marine Fire Monitor:

Marine Fire Monitor

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