High Precision Powder Fire Extinguisher Filling Product Line

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High Precision Powder Fire Extinguisher Filling Product Line

High Precision Powder Fire Extinguisher Production Line

High precision powder fire extinguisher production line is a latest product developed by the sicentific research persons through compare with the products of domestic manufacturer and overseas'. This product is equipped with relevant high accuracy sensors under the control of the programmable logic controller, to conduct testing and monitoring for various parameters such as speed, loction, weight, torque , sealing performance etc., to form a closed ring control system. All working positon transfers and actions adopts air pressure transmission and control system. This product is mainly composed to below units: supporting roller conveyer, original agent source device, rough filling and fine filling system, vibrating filling valve, cylinder valve turning tightly, pressurizing working position, leakage inspection, label sticking or silk tape printing etc, each of which can work as one alone part. With manpower saving and high output, each production line needs only 2 or 3 men to complete assembling work. Taking a 4kg fire extinguisher as an example. It can produce 220 products each hour.

Main Technical Parameters

Volume: 1130 * 520 * 1350 mm ( L * W * H )

Weight:200 kg

Voltage: AC 380 V /AC 220 V 50 Hz

Power:0.55 kw/1.5 kw

Filling Precision: 1kg 0.15

Filling Speed:6-12 kg/min

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